We have split the league tables into 5 separate categories;

Supercharged – Cars must be running the stock M45 supercharger and no cheating (cheating = Nos, Meth is permitted)

Turbo – For those crazy few with extra large plumbs running a turbo conversion

Automatic – For those who cant drive, no one really cares about this catergory but Kris made me add it

Nitrous – For those who like to cheat and blow the welds on their intake manifold, stock M45 chargers only

Other – All other conversions not covered above i.e. upgraded superchargers and engine swaps

What are the rules?

Members must submit an up to date photo of the car, dyno print out sheet to any admin member of the R53OC team along with a basic engine specification list. Once verified and authenticated you will be added to the relevant league table. Car must still be running i.e not broken or sold. All figures must be provided in WHP format, a standard 15% loss calculation will be added to provide the final BHP figure shown. Finally and most importantly, our decision is final!!!!